Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Perfect Junk Food For Women

I realize that some of my regular readers are men. And for that, I'm flattered. However, today's post will resonate deeply with women. That doesn't mean that savvy men can't read and learn. *wink* (Trust me... you may very well become a hero to a woman in your life's orbit.)

I am a firm believer in home cooked foods prepared with quality ingredients. But occasionally (read: hormonally) nothing will satisfy cravings other than junk food. The problem I have is this: First, you eat sweet...then must have salty...then sweet...

You know the routine. It may take two to three cycles to satiate the "hormonal craving beast" that lives inside.

Well, NO MORE! Again, I don't advocate a regular intake of junk foods. However, I have discovered the pure perfected essence that is craving cure Nirvana. Behold:

I chanced across these delicious, crunchy pieces of heaven in our campus bookstore while on a coffee run. Good googly moogly!!! I am too ashamed to tell you how quickly they disappeared. That are just that good. Better than chips, better than caramel candy... they are caramel corn to the nth degree good! Salty and sweet. The perfect storm to decimate hormonal cravings.

They are so good... they should be used only in dire hormonal situations.

Just sayin'.

You've been warned.


Christine said...

Sweet! I mean salty. No ... wait ... Awesome!

TeeJay4273 said...

WOW! I have to check & see if they sell those where I live. If not, you know you'll have to ship some FedEx, right? LOL!

Anna said...

I know this is an old post, but It made me laugh because that's how I feel about these chips. I once came up with a recipe where I incorporated them into a sweet and salty candy kind of like cracker candy. Maybe I should revive it! I always see little bags of Bugles at Target in the Dollar Stop.