Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Best of Her Love!

The bond between sisters is special, and if you're blessed...especially sweet. Every time I think of the family that God saw fit to place me in, I want to weep with gratitude. From parents that loved with firmness, laughter, reverence to God and siblings that love without condition- I am blessed.

I can remember dancing and lipsynching in the den on Laurel Valley with my sisters. We would perform for our own amusement and for our parents. Sometimes we used records. Sometimes we performed an impromptu accompaniment to American Bandstand. Good times!

Yesterday was a particularly stressful day at work. As I left the parking lot, I called my oldest sister to tell her that I was finally on the way home. (Our homes are next to each other) Jokingly, I asked if she had any alcohol in the house. *giggle* She assured me that she did, and that she was planning to give me a fabulous dinner.

Boy oh, boy.......did she deliver!

To round out that FABULOUS salad, she provided comfort food: Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza with sausage and mushrooms! We gilded the lily with a few of their Wingstreet Wings.

Oh, and that innocuous looking drink? It packed a whallop! LOL!!

While there are no recordings of us three sisters in our many performances to share, I did find this jewel at Youtube. I hope you enjoy it. It brings back wonderful memories of growing up in the house filled with joy on Laurel Valley.