Saturday, January 16, 2010

Foodie Field Trip

Every weekend, I am blessed to share Sister Saturday with my older sister. The fact that our homes are built next door to each other is by no means a guarantee that we will see each other throughout the week. However, Sister Saturday is sacrosanct. Our Saturdays are spent together accomplishing a variety of enjoyable outings and necessary errands for the family.

Today, one of our diversions involved a bit of a "Foodie Field Trip" to Petty's Meat Market. Their fresh meats are really the very tastiest that I've ever had. Truly. No. Lie. Yet today we shopped the condiments, seasonings and cold cases. Wow. Forgive the photo quality. All were taken with my phone camera. (smile)

Different types of salt:

We browsed the vinegars. I love to switch up vinegars in home made salad dressings.

We noodled over to sauces, jams and seasonings:

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know about my love affair with cheese. Oh, be still my heart! How about some fresh Feta?

Petty's also has an extensive wine selection, but we also skipped that today. Sometimes they have in-store wine tasting with an expert on hand to answer questions.

They always have complimentary beer on tap near the take away deli counters. We did not indulge today... but sometimes do!

Did I mention that they have bulk candy jars? Who says foodies don't like their childhood favorites anymore?

I promise, I didn't buy any candy today. I left with a package of gluten free Lemon Pepper Noodles.... and a smile.

Disclaimer: I was in no manner compensated for this blog entry. I received no monies, discounts or special treatment. Petty's treats all of their customers to excellent customer service, warranting this praise.


BeckeyZ said...

I really need to come visit you some time.

TeeJay4273 said...

That place will be on my "to do" list when I visit FL.

Da Bee's Knees said...

Beckey, yes you need to visit soon! We can take the kids to Disney.

Tonja, the food stores here are ridiculous! You will love it. When are you coming?

TeeJay4273 said...

If it is God's will - early April.