Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Did It!

A few months ago, Cookie Baker Lynn posted a blog that I could have written word for word myself. Like her, I love to be in the kitchen creating and trying new things. The problem? Also, like her I cannot always be in the kitchen on a given schedule. Sadly, after joining the Daring Bakers and participating with much fun and successs... I found that my opportunities to bake and cook often did not fit the challenge time tables. I was forced to admit that although the desire was there, often the time was not.

I was psyched when she posted about a new Un-group!

I have always wanted to make a homemade German Chocolate Cake. But for some reason, I've always been intimidated working with baking chocolate, egg whites and homemade fillings. The classic recipe includes all three! Yikes

So... a little egg separating, chocolate melting and creaming of butter and sugar I was on my way!

Methodically, I worked my way through adding the egg yolks, chocolate, and alternating the dry ingredient mixture with buttermilk. I confess, it wasn't hard! I just had to concentrate a bit.

Pans were prepared, then I turned my attention to whipping egg whites and then folding them into the batter. At last: divide the batter into three pans and bake!

All that was left was to make the Pecan Coconut Filling and Frosting.

I did it! I filled and topped the cake with the classic filling. The sides were frosted with my standby chocolate frosting. I did it, and the family cheered!


TeeJay4273 said...

I am so happy for you! German Chocolate Cake can be a bit intimidating, but you've made it look so simple. One day, I will try it for myself!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Your cake looks awesome! High fives on taking on the challenge! I agree - sometimes things aren't hard, it's just a lot of steps that look intimidating. Break it down, do one at a time, and soon you've got it done.