Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Today we had our usual gathering for Sunday dinner at my sister's house next door. Our menu was simple and familiar comfort foods.

On the menu: Fried chicken, corn casserole, garlic green beans with sweet red peppers, house salad and for dessert: Chocolate Chocolate Cake.

We serve our dishes family style, and pass the bowls and platters.

There's something refreshing about a cool and crisp salad next to steaming hot crispy chicken and sweet and creamy corn casserole.

I bet you wanna see that cake, dontcha? Here it is... homemade Chocolate Chocolate Cake. Yes, as a matter of fact it WAS good.

If you would like a recipe in this post, leave your request in the comments.

Sundays... Our family loves them!

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Kathleen said...

there's nothing better than family dinners! Yours looks like it was delicious!!!