Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back in the Groove

Lately, life has been a bit more overwhelming, adventurous, frightening, busy and stressful. It has been a roller coaster of new experiences, destinations, crises and opportunities.I'll spare you the details, gory and glorious... and just say this: I think I'm finally back in the groove. A sense of normalcy is slowly returning.

It slowly dawned on me as I sat with my sister yesterday in Starbucks. We were enjoying our customary Sister Saturday. As we sat planning the menu for our family to enjoy for Sunday dinner, we chatted about a variety of topics that floated in and out of our imaginations. As the rain fell outside, all was right in our little world of steaming coffee and delightful sweets. (The cranberry orange scone was to. die. for.)

Tomorrow my youngest child will celebrate his eighteen birthday. In his honor, tonight's Sunday dinner menu included his favorites. We enjoyed Asian Chicken Wings and Asian Noodle Salad. We rounded out the meal with pot stickers and egg rolls. He was quite happy. This is my little plate. Sadly, I only ate one wing and the noodles. The rest will go with me to work for lunch tomorrow.

Normally the birthday young man asks for the same cake for his birthday:Dark chocolate with Cream Cheese Frosting. He surprised me by asking for a whole different type of dessert.

Behold: Turtle Cheesecake!

I had fun making it. I used my standard cheesecake batter and added a caramel layer, glazed pecans and my signature chocolate ganache. For some reason the caramel layer set up a bit too hard, but none of us minded much. The taste was out of this world.

So yeah.... I think I'm back in the groove. Living my life full of family, friends and food... Things are looking up.

Happy holidays everyone!

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TeeJay4273 said... had me @ turtle! LOL! I would be ever so grateful if you would share the receipe.