Friday, February 8, 2008

She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain

I was thinking of some of the obstacles and challenges that I face. I mean, in this life we all have difficulties. Right?

Well, I got to thinking... (dangerous, I know)

There are definitely mountains that I must climb to overcome issues. But not every problem, every situation demands that. At times, I can be so driven to reach a goal, finish a task or solve a situation... that I start doggedly hiking up the mountain. Sure there are some mountains that require me to grab my climbing gear (faith, hope and perseverance) and do the work of reaching the summit. But there are times, that I should simply go around.

Just like the football receiver running the ball......... I should feint to the left or right, without breaking stride. There are some problems that really have no solution, and in fact are only there to distract me. The problem may never go away......or may persist for a season, but that doesn't mean that I cannot find a way around it. ..Find another means of success.... find an alternate path.

Joseph took Mary and baby Jesus away to another land. He avoided obstacles and traps. But our Lord returned to the land after the season had passed.

So, my new prayer is that the Lord show me those mountains to climb with His strength and give me wisdom to go around those that serve only to slow me down or distract me.

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KiKi said...

Hey, no fair - I saw your comment on my blog and thought you were back writing on here. Sorely disappointed {sniff}